Coffee Spots in Denver, Colorado: A Guide to the Best Food Options

Denver, Colorado is a great destination for coffee aficionados. With artisanal roasters, experienced baristas, and a plethora of delicious options for all tastes, it's no surprise that the city is home to some of the best coffee spots in the country. From classic drinks such as espresso and cold brewed coffee to freshly squeezed juices and handmade dishes, there's something for everyone. In this guide, we'll explore some of the best coffee spots in Denver and the food options they offer.

Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters is one of the top coffee spots in Denver. Located in RiNo on Larimer Street, this spot offers hand-crafted grains and a variety of drinks such as espresso, cold brewed coffee, and coffee to serve. They also have quality beans from roasters such as Counter Culture, Herkimer, and Queen City Collective. In addition to coffee, you can also try freshly squeezed juices, one of their rotating flavors of kombucha, chai or other different types of tea.

Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters also has an excellent food menu with handmade dishes made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Queen City Collective Coffee is another great spot in Denver. With locations in Five Points and the Baker neighborhood, this spot is named after “Queen City of the Plains”. They get their beans directly from farmers and roast everything on-site in small batches. You can buy your coffee with a monthly delivery subscription. Little Owl Coffee is a small store located in LoDo with capacity for 8 people inside and 8 in the yard.

It has a simple counter, a refrigerator, a product rack and seats for customers. This spot offers coffee, tea and pastries with flavors that are sure to impress. Little Owl Coffee's farm-to-cup policy ensures you get pure beers, single-source and single-farm coffees, manual brewing methods, and artisanal espresso. You can opt for almond milk, vanilla beer or chai spice depending on your mood and preferences. Huckleberry Roasters is one of the oldest roaster chains in Denver with its best selling point being the Sunnyside branch.

Here you can get several types of single-source beans as well as their exclusive blends such as Blue Orchid, Phantom Limb and Topo Chico. They also serve a variety of teas. City Donuts is a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee with a simple donut ring. This spot has three locations in the Denver area where you can order a wide variety of coffees and cappuccinos perfect for dipping your donut. If you want something more filling they also offer sandwiches and gyroscopes. The Molecule Effect is a unique spot located in the Denver Art District that offers more creative drinks than just your average cup of joe.

Here you'll find everything from bulletproof coffee to kombucha and a full list of wines, beers and cocktails. You can pair your drink with something from their menu that reflects local flavors such as a sausage egg and green chili panini. Tokyo Premium Bakery is another great spot to enjoy a Japanese version of coffee and pastries. This charming little shop sells delicious light and fragrant drinks such as Matcha Lattes and Hojicha as well as Japanese pies like scones filled with red beans or traditional melon rolls. Aviano Coffee has been in business for years due to its expertly prepared drinks including unforgettable macchiatos made with Intelligentsia beans as well as simple richly flavored black coffees. This small spot is cozy and full of personality. The Backyard on Blake café is another great spot located in Five Points that serves all standards from mochas to macchiatos and French presses as well as beer wine coffee cocktails and solid sandwiches in an environment that encourages laptop productivity and dreamy reading alike. Lekker Coffee & Watering Hole is run by a mother-daughter duo with an even greater mission than serving great coffee but they do it very well too! This spot has an incredible DIY community atmosphere with local art on the walls and tons of local publications to enjoy. Prodigy is more than just a coffee shop; it's actually a nonprofit organization that offers educational barista learning programs to young people in North Denver.

Here they roast their own coffee as well as house the Fox & The Raven bakery which produces naturally leavened breads and pastries with traditional Colorado beans ground internally. Blue Sparrow opts to serve great beers by drip in prominent rotating roasters making it the perfect place to grab a good cup right away. This beloved Uptown coffee shop is like spending time at a cool aunt's house which also has amazing coffee and tasty healthy snacks. Finally OG Crema is small and quiet full of hipster regulars in the mornings. This Five Points venue has an incredible atmosphere making it the perfect hangout spot. With so many amazing options for food at these top spots in Denver it's no wonder why this city is known for its incredible coffee culture! Whether you're looking for classic selections or something more creative there's something for everyone at these amazing spots.

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