The Best Independent Coffee Shops in Denver, Colorado: A Guide for Caffeine Lovers

Are you a caffeine lover looking for the best independent coffee shops in Denver, Colorado? Look no further! From cozy cafes to hip hangouts, the city is home to some of the best coffee spots in the world. Whether you're a remote worker, caffeine fanatic, or serial dater, here's a guide to the top independent coffee shops in Denver. Start your journey at Corvus Coffee Roasters. Not only do they serve up delicious coffee, but they also strive to improve the lives of farmers around the world.

Their baristas are friendly and knowledgeable, and no matter what you order, you can't go wrong. For something special, check out Dandy Lion Coffee. Not only can you get a great cup of joe, but you can also pick up some plants while you're there. If you're looking for something unique, try their matcha lattes.

If you're looking for an unforgettable experience, visit RinOyes. This mobile cart-turned-zeppelin offers free drip coffee for life if you get their logo tattooed (rules apply). For an African-inspired espresso bar, head to Whittier Cafe. They offer more than 22 roasters and prepare all their food with the freshest ingredients.

Plus, they hold Ethiopian coffee ceremonies every Sunday. Another popular spot is Queen City Coffee. The Byington brothers roast their beans in-house and have close ties with their African coffee producers. They also participate in a profit sharing program.

If you're looking for a cozy spot, check out Rivers and Roads Coffee, just north of City Park. It's dog-friendly and serves up Middle State coffee beans that are roasted to perfection. Finally, don't miss out on Huckleberry Roasters, a dreamy academic-style cafe with deep green walls, gold details, abundant flora, and really good coffee. They offer classic hot and cold Vietnamese coffee preparations as well as egg coffee.

No matter what your preference is, there's something for everyone at these independent coffee shops in Denver. So grab your favorite mug and head out to explore the city's best cafes.

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