Exploring the Most Unique Coffee Spots in Denver, Colorado

For coffee connoisseurs, a visit to Sweet Bloom should be at the top of the list. Founder and championship-winning barista Andy Sprenger has a socially conscious approach to buying and roasting coffee that goes beyond the direct commercial sourcing model. It's not uncommon for third-wave roasters to visit coffee farms, but it's not as common for coffee producers to visit stores in the U. S.

where their specialty coffees are prepared and served. Sprenger regularly takes representatives from the farms he buys from to his Lakewood roasting plant, where they can meet with consumers at the end of the supply chain and share their farm's story. Denver is a city that has something for everyone, and when it comes to coffee, it's no different. Every block has its own quaint and cozy coffee shops offering excellent cups of coffee. Whether you're a remote worker who needs a daily caffeine fix, a late-night caffeine enthusiast, or someone who loves matcha lattes on a date, there's a coffee shop here for every occasion. From major coffee legacies like Queen City and Huckleberry to newcomers on the block like Milk & Honey, there are plenty of places in Denver to recharge and hang out.

Cuddled up in a private cabin or sunbathing on a patio, you'll find plenty of places to enjoy your favorite cup of joe. Here are some of the most unique coffee spots in Denver. Located in RiNo on Larimer Street, Crema Coffee House will remind you of the Pacific Northwest with its concrete floors, exposed bricks, and shelled wooden planks. With classic selections such as espresso, cold brewed coffee, and pour-over coffees as well as quality beans from roasters such as Counter Culture, Herkimer, and Queen City Collective, there are plenty of delicious options for all tastes. In addition to coffee, you can also try freshly squeezed juices, one of Crema Coffee House's rotating flavors of kombucha, chai or other different types of tea. Their food menu is also excellent with handmade dishes that will keep you well fed and happy.

Everything is homemade with fresh, high-quality ingredients. With locations in Five Points and the Baker neighborhood, Queen City Collective Coffee is named after “Queen City of the Plains”—also known as Denver. By getting your beans directly from farmers and roasting everything on-site in small batches, you can buy your coffee with a monthly delivery subscription. If you're staying at one of the many nearby hotels in downtown Denver, head over to Reunion Bread Co. for wonderful artisanal coffee. If you're a coffee fanatic, make sure you visit all of these places before deciding on your favorite. Little Owl is located in LoDo (in the lower part of downtown) and serves individual cups perfectly prepared from small batches of single-source beans.

This popular farm-to-table restaurant in Union Station in LoDo serves local Commonwealth coffee, European pastries from another world, and other snacks during breakfast and lunch in a light-drenched dining room. Design lovers will be delighted with coffee industry veteran Jeffrey Knott's pleasant Blue Sparrow coffees. For devotees of one of the best-known coffee roasters in the country, Intelligentsia Aviano is the place of worship. RinOyes is actually a mobile cart cafeteria turned into a zeppelin where you can get free drip coffee every day for the rest of your life if you tattoo its logo (rules apply).This Denver roaster began preaching artisanal coffee in 2002 and today has more than a dozen popular roasts. The Bardo Cafeteria is a beloved gathering place for residents of Wheat Ridge and Denver in the Speer neighborhood—it's perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee in a quiet environment and really feeling its flavor. More than just a coffee shop, Prodigy is actually a nonprofit organization that offers educational barista learning programs to young people in North Denver.

There, Corvus also houses the Fox & The Raven bakery—an artisanal bakery that produces naturally leavened breads and pastries with traditional Colorado beans ground internally. In addition to these brilliant options, Denver is home to many other coffee shops that deserve special mention. As one of Denver's OG coffee roasters, Pablo's has spent nearly thirty years cultivating a strong community of coffee enthusiasts at its three Denver locations. Since 2000 they have highlighted the delicious and nuanced flavors found in organic coffees around the world. But beyond serving very good coffee (that is—very good), this place also works every day to make a difference in the lives of neurodivergent people.

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